Kerguelen Axis Marine Science Voyage

A National Southern Ocean RESEARCH Collaboration


Draw a line from the South Pole, through the Amery Ice Shelf on the East Antarctic coast, and out into the Southern Ocean, between Heard Island and Kerguelen Island, you have an axis that intersects three key habitat areas. 

This is known as the Kerguelen Axis. and it is a biological hotspot where abundant swarms of krill sustain an enormous diversity of species including fish, seals, penguins and whales. 

On January 11, a team of Australia's leading Antarctic marine scientists will depart for the Southern Ocean to investigate the impacts of climate change on the Kerguelen Axis. 

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voyage blogs

Stories, photos and videos by our researchers in the field on board the Aurora Australis.

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The latest media releases and news updates from the Kerguelen Axis Marine Science Voyage.

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